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The Daily ACE News free daily ePaper – Read digital ePaper of Pakistan – anywhere, anytime as it appears on Print. ACE News is one of the leading and most widely read English-Urdu language newspapers.

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Editorial Staff

Name Designation Email
Muhammad Kamran Editor-in-Chief [email protected]
Khalid Bhatti Senior Analyst [email protected]
Muhammad Imran Pasha Senior Analyst [email protected]
Rukhsana Manzoor Assistant Editor [email protected]
Madiha Abdul Jabbar Online Editor [email protected]
M Usman Ramzan Online Editor [email protected]
Shehzad Qamar Field Reporter [email protected]
Rai Mursal wadood Manjj Field Reporter [email protected]
Moeen Ahsan Desktop Editor [email protected]
Asifa Hina Desktop Editor [email protected]
Fizzah Rasheed News Reporter [email protected]
Shazia Rani News Reporter [email protected]
Sana Yamin Digital Media Specialist [email protected]
Muhammad Awais Video Editor [email protected]