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    Dr. Ghulam Hussain

    When I first heard of the notion behind the Emerging Scientist 2019, at once, I decided to partake in this conference. As always, ACSE did not disappoint me. In pursuance of the thought put forward by ACSE, ES2019 was jam-packed with provocative ideas and a mixture of great speakers.

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    Dr. Ahsan Akram

    Excellent Conference! All the Presenters and Speakers did a commendable job. I would like to specifically highlight the Poster Session and the thought provoking ideas behind each research. Really inspired by the interest and eagerness of our Young Scientists!

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    Ali RiWan

    The Emerging Scientist conference was a really marvelous and productive event. The management was very good and all the content of the conference was really helpful in gaining and sharing the ideas of the innovation in emerging research.

    Hoping to be a part of the second session of the confernece in future.

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    Dr. Muhammad Avais

    ES2019 is unique idea combning multiple facets of scientific disciplines. A small gathering but had multiple objectives, and excellent ideas. Poster session was very informtive, and all presenters were magnificient. Thank you all the management for given this oppertunity to interact with many.

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    Tayyeba Suhail

    Proud to be the part of an amazing event there in Faisalabad. Emerging Scientist 2019 brought a clear perspective of research directions of the great scholars all over the Pakistan, and this has made young scientists to take the right and clear start from where they are.

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    Dr Muhammad Shafiq

    It was a great effort. The got its full potential success. Best of luck for future.
    Dr Muhammad Shafiq

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    Maira Munawar Rana

    I sincerely congratulate the whole team of Emerging Scientist on the success of the Conference, which was well-organized, well-balanced..Thank you for inviting me to the Conference, it was such a wonderful experience. Wishing you a very Good Luck for future projects and do keep me posted about the information of your events and conferences.
    Thank you!

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    Aqsa Rafique

    I think it was the most efficiently organized conference I have ever attended. The atmosphere was friendly and open. It was well run and extraordinary..There was lots of excellent sessions. It was privilege to be part of ES2019.

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    Zunaira Mahmood

    I must say its a must-have experience. No second thought about it!
    If you want to grow professionally with all the essential skills and expertise, the Emerging Scientist Conference is what you are looking for with in Pakistan.
    Thank you!

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    shahwaiz hasan

    I am glad to be a part of this event, this was a great experience,
    also, can some one provide me a link where all our paper abstract is listed,
    thanks in advance


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